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We are still accepting orders and following Government directives to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers. Most of our pots are still available to order online. If you are looking for plants, please contact us via email for availability info@terracegardener.co.uk
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Trees & Patio plants

Bay trees, standard

Bay tree pyramids

Bay tree ball

Holly trees

Box balls (Buxus)

Box pyramids (Buxus)

Box spirals (Buxus)

Box cubes (Buxus)

Box triple ball (Buxus)

Olive trees

Privet trees

Chusan palms

Chamaerops palms

More trees...

Pots & Planters

Faux lead planters

Fibrestone planters

Zinc cube planters

Polystone/Stonefibre planters

Terracini terracotta pots

Italian terracotta pots

Cretan terracotta pots

Corten steel planters


Fire bowls - Corten Steel

Water bowls - Corten Steel

Terracotta bowls

Polystone bowls

Window Boxes and Troughs

Faux Lead Troughs

Fibrestone Window Boxes and Troughs

Stone fibre/Polystone window boxes and Troughs

Terracini terracotta Troughs

Italian terracotta Troughs

Tree Gifts

Bay tree gift

Olive tree gift

Bay pyramid gift

Buxus ball gift

Buxus pyramid gift

Holly tree gift

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Buy Cretan terracotta pots online

Cretan terracotta pots & Care tips

Cretan pot

    More about Cretan terracotta pots

  • The Cretan terracotta pots are handcrafted (hand thrown) from a ball of clay on a potter's wheel by skilled potters in central Crete. This is an ancient tradition where each pot has its own history and character.
  • Cretan terracotta pots are fired in a traditional kiln at 1150°C which secures a very high quality and makes them more frost resistant.
  • When fired the Cretan terracotta takes on this elegant light sand colour. The Cretan clay has a very high mineral content which contributes to the unique "Cretan" colour, strength and durability.
  • Look at this Minoan jar (pithos) at The British Museum from about 1450-1400 BC, a testament to the enduring beauty and quality of the Cretan pithoi.

    Care tips

  • The Cretan clay pots will age beautifully. They will slowly release mineral salts that add to their individuality. With time moss and algae will colonise the pot. This is part of the natural ageing process for a clay pot. If weathered for many years a beautifully aged patina will evolve.
  • For extra caution protect your pots from frost by moving them into a shed or wrapping them up with fleece, bubble wrap or sacking. This is especially important for pots with delicate surface decorations.
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