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Box ball (Buxus sempervirens)

Beautifully shaped Buxus ball. Lovely, round and full. Our Buxus sempervirens balls are strong and healthy plants of the finest quality. We always select matching plants if you order more than one. Buxus balls give structure, symmetry and harmony. Box balls look great as a pair, grouped together or as a large specimen plant.
Care tips & more about Buxus sempervirens balls

Buxus ball | Buxus sempervirens | Box topiary balls

Box ball

No.1149 | Buxus ball, width 20-25cm | £24.90 Add to Basket

No.1150 | Buxus ball, width 30-35cm | £37.90 Add to Basket

No.1151 | Buxus ball, width 40-45cm | £69.90 Add to Basket

No.1152 | Buxus ball, width 50-55cm | £119.90 Add to Basket

No.1153 | Buxus ball, width 60-65cm | £189.90 Add to Basket

No.1154 | Buxus ball, width 70-75cm | £269.90 Add to Basket

No.1155 | Buxus ball, width 80-85cm | £369.90 Add to Basket

No.1156 | Buxus ball, width 90-95cm | £539.90 Add to Basket

No.1157 | Buxus ball, width 100-105cm | £599.90 Add to Basket

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