About Us

Terrace Gardener has been online since 2005, supplying patio plants, topiary trees, containers and pots, with a gift-wrapped option delivered to your door.

We are one of the very few suppliers of ready planted containers – looking perfect on arrival for an instant impact.

We also provide a valuable service to professional and commercial clients.

We want you to be absolutely satisfied when you buy from Terrace Gardener. That is why we only sell the finest patio plants, topiary trees and pots which have been carefully hand-selected from our suppliers.

We specialise in evergreen patio plants and topiary trees that are suitable for a British climate. Over many years we have gained a particular experience and knowledge of Bay trees, Buxus (Box) topiary, Olive trees and hardy palm trees: Chusan palms and Chamaerops palms and we always select matching plants if you order more than one.



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