Bay tree
planted in Faux lead Chelsea cylinder
From £189.70 each
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Product details

  • Beautifully clipped lollipop shaped bay tree. 
  • Lovely evergreen and aromatic leathery leaves that can be used fresh or dried in savoury dishes. 
  • Our Bay tree standards are strong and healthy trees of the finest quality.
  • All our Bay trees are grown in northern Europe so they are suitable for the British climate.
  • We always select matching Bay trees if you order more than one. 
  • A couple of Bay trees either side of an entrance or a porch will really lift a property!
  • Beautifully crafted faux lead planters with an authentic finish.
  • Naturally made of clay fibre.
  • Lighter than terracotta yet solid and frost resistant.
  • Prepared with drainage holes.

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